29 July 2012

How to Create Clean Looking Double Layer Appliqués

First let me say I'm sorry for not blogging in several months.  Life gets in the way and next thing you know it's 5 months later!

Today I want to talk about Appliqués that have more than one layer of fabric.  I personally don't care to see the previous fabric under what I've placed on top.  

Notice how you can see the red/white dot fabric under the yellow gingham?

The design I'm stitching out is going to be a double layer apple.  I've trimmed the outer apple fabric, leaf, and am ready to stitch down the gingham for the top layer.

Can you see the placement stitches above showing where to lay the top fabric?  

Before you add the next fabric, take your scissors and trim out that inner area that will be covered by the next layer of fabric.

Here's the final result, no unsightly red polka dots underneath the yellow gingham!

Looking for this cute Apple Appliqué design?  Click here or on the link on the top right of this page to head over to my website.


  1. And bonus -- you've saved fabric! That inner part of the apple can go into your "already has HNBL on it" scrap bin! :)
    Excellent job, Angi!

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