01 February 2012

Keeping Promises

Back in 2010 I tried my hand at making Cake Balls. 

Loved how tasty they were but in all honesty, they were a bit of a pain to make.   In fact I've resisted making them again, I love to sew & embroider SO much more.  One of my co-workers has hounded me to make them again ever since.  He's used every guilt trip he can think of to talk me into it.  Finally I told him that whoever left our building first for a different job that I would make them, I promised.

Recently a bunch of personnel changes were announced where we work which resulted in Mike being transferred to another building.  I'd forgotten about my promise to which he politely reminded me of last week. 

A promise a promise and I keep my word.  Honestly, I'm glad he reminded me--they were awesome!

This time I waited to dip them until the kids were tucked away in their beds

Since I was dipping cake, why not dip a cookie?  I noticed several pins for making Oreo Pops on Pinterest recently.

Super easy to make.  These are the Double Stuff Oreos.  Open the cookie up and dip your stick in a bit of the melted candy coating and smoosh it in the Double Stuff.  Be careful when you put the cookie back together that you don't squeeze it too hard or it will break. 

My hubby & kids didn't mind the broken ones, they were happy to take those off my hands.

Notice the missing stick?  Yep, that was one I messed up.  How's that for a Sugar Bomb of Oreo goodness?

And here's the final product.  The red ones are strawberry and the brown are chocolate (naturally!).

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