26 July 2011

PR1000 - Dropped Threads

I know that several people on the 10 Needle Yahoo Group have discussed their issues with threads dropping & drooping on their machines.  This is just my way of documenting the issue with my machine, which I love by the way.

All pictures are clickable so that you can see larger.

This is Big Mama


This is one of her droopy threads.

I was embroidering last night and she had a hard time holding onto #7 all night long. 


I've noticed that when I thread a needle it holds up higher, see the arrow on the left.  Now take a look at the arrow on the right.  See how the thread is lower because it's passed through the presser foot?  It's also a little droopy.


The droopy threads seem to get caught up on the little grey winged scooby.  (Scooby is a very technical term, by the way).  Notice that the needle that's by the arrow hasn't been used, so the thread is up higher and out of the way of the scooby.



Sorry it's a little hard to see.  The arrow on the left shows a thread that has been used already.  Notice that it's through the presser foot?  It's also dragging along the scooby.

Also, see how the arrow on the right is showing #7 needle that has been used already and is starting to droop down. 


Another thing, see the long tail hanging down?  That's after the needle has been used and the thread trimmed. 


And a view from the back side of the long thread tails.

That's my story, are you having troubles with your 10 needle?


  1. Or there any tutorials a the BMP6 needle I'm thinking of purchasing also what software do u have>thk

  2. I use Viking 5D for digitizing. I also have PE Next that came with my machine but haven't installed it.

    I would suggest that you join the yahoo group for the 6 needle, so much information there! Here's the link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PR600-EmbPro_Machines/

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