24 January 2011

24 January 2011 - Perfect Egg-a-muffin

Want to know the secret to a perfect Egg Mc Muffin?  Turn down the heat low so the egg doesn't get too brown and put a lid on it! 

I turn on the pan and set the ring in it.  Once it's hot enough, I spray with a little nonstick, especially at the hinge of the ring. 

Crack the egg and slowly pour into the pan.  Pouring it slowly allows it to cook on the bottom of the pan and prevent it from seeping out under the ring.  Take your broken egg shell (or a fork) and cut the yolk.

Put a lid on it and wait, patiently.  Go cook your sourdough english muffin and put a little butter on it when it's done.
Once the egg looks done, pull off the ring.  It should come off easily if you sprayed it well. 

Add your canadian bacon to the pan now to heat up.  Flip the egg and turn off the burner.

Stack it together, get a glass of OJ and enjoy!

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