06 January 2011

Bedtime Struggles....

Little Miss Pinky Pie

As my friends & family know, we have a terrible time getting Giana to stay in her room at night.  Bedtime has been a struggle it seems, since birth.  She's such a great kid the rest of the day, including nap time, but bedtime?  Forget it.  She won't go to sleep unless she's ready to stay put.

A few months ago we decided to try putting a lamp in her room.  At pre-school they aren't allowed to turn out the lights due to safety reasons.  My thinking was that she had trouble falling asleep when it was dark.  Maybe she could chill out for a while reading books and then just fall asleep.  I'd also read in John Rosemond's "Parent Power" book that when you put them in their room, tell them they must stay in  their room, that it doesn't matter if they get out of bed, play, whatever, as long as they don't open the door and be quiet.  That worked pretty well too along with the lamp, on and off, for a while.  But now, it's just resistance all the way.  She will come out of her room for up to 2 hrs on a bad night.  She's doesn't act sneaky, just that she has to tell us something, another hug & kiss, or whatever is on her mind. 

Tuesday night she was up until 10:15 and I'd had enough.  I went up and turned out her light and told her not to scream & cry because Dad & Nick were sleeping.  It's not fair to them to be woken up.  Dad & I decided that the lamp thing needs some limits.

Last night we tucked her in at 7:30 and told her that "Lights Out" will be at 8:00.  She can read if she wants for that time but no lamp after that.  When 8 :00 came, she was NOT happy to have that lamp turned off.  She had a total meltdown.  She's not scared of the dark, just mad to be in the dark when she thinks there's more fun things to be doing than resting.  The meltdown lasted for about 45 minutes and I resisted going up there.  She came out a few times and Dad used the "Dad" voice and sent her right back to her room.  In the end I went up there for a reassuring hug, kiss, & song and she was done.... Worn out enough to sleep.  Thank goodness.

She was still a little tired this morning, but hopefully the new routine will work out for us... at least for a few weeks..  :)

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