07 January 2011

7 January 2011 - Emergency rations

The weather service is predicting a "wintry mix" to move inland from the northern Gulf of Mexico on Sunday.  Several years ago (before we lived here) there was an awful ice storm, leaving many stranded without power.  They're forecasting that we could see 1"-3" of snow over Sunday evening and turning to rain/sleet on Monday.  The temperature on Monday will be in the 30's making it ripe for another ice storm.  We got several emails at work today to watch the weather and news for reports and closures.

So, I decided that I needed some rations to get me through the weekend if we're iced in.  Where did I head first you ask?  Yep, the fabric store!

(And yes, I picked up food and gassed up the van too...just in case)

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