10 January 2011

10 January 2011 - Icy Stuff

We went to bed last night wondering if any of the cold & wet stuff would show up. The weathermen said it would start around 10pm, yet the radar showed everyone around us had snow/sleet.

This is what we woke up to... Ice everywhere! This isn't snow but the "wintry mix" they kept saying was coming.

That's our smoker, chillin out...
Out the front door, that's a layer of ice on the sidewalk, notice that you can't see the impressions that are in the concrete.
 Front Porch
Even the poor Jeep wasn't spared.  See the icicles on the basketball goal?

We spent the day hanging out inside.  It drizzled on/off all day and was generally a miserable day. 

But we made the most of it, schools were cancelled and so was work.  A friend from FL was here for a business trip and his day was also cancelled.  So the grownups spent the day in the kitchen making all kinds of goodies.  I even managed to squeeze in a bit of sewing while G was napping.

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