18 September 2010

My latest project

Would you believe people actually embroider Toilet Paper?  Yes, toilet paper. 

I had to try it out.
This was my first roll, I think it turned out really neat!  There is a great tutorial over on Sew Forum the design is also listed in the freebie section.  Who doesn't like free? 

Two of my co-workers recently left for other jobs within our organization.  We had a going away luncheon for them and I thought TP would make a great going away gift for them.  We're all a bunch of crack-ups anyhow so I knew everyone would get a kick out of it. 

One guy always has tons of paperwork to do, so here's his.:

I'm a computer geek by day and we come up with all kinds of crazy little sayings in our little office.  A while back there was a call for requests to come up with a new cheer for the Squadron.  One of the guys said we work in "Super, Happy, IT".  Get it?  Super Happy...
I think I'm on a roll, it was so easy to do and I have lots more ideas for the upcoming holidays!

Check them out in my Etsy store:  http://shesewchic.etsy.com/

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