28 April 2010

Gotta start somewhere, right?

Here's the first project I started with on the new embroidery machine. These adorable zipper bags are done completely "In The Hoop"! 

They are from PegBoardCrafts:  Click here for her website

In fact I went a little crazy making them.  These were gifts for my kids teachers.  They are the perfect size for holding credit cards, driver's license, etc.

Then I moved on to more for my family

Before I knew it my best friend was having a birthday.  I didn't have any pre-quilted material left so I found a pattern to stipple quilt the material for me.
This is my favorite set so far!

When I had some time I made a few more for friends & family

Got a little crazy here with my new font.  It's called "Vintage Chloe" and is from SWAK Embroidery.

 SWAK is definitely one of my favorite sites!  I've learned so much about embroidery, quilting, & sewing too!  (More on quilting & sewing later!)

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