02 November 2014

Hey there!

I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted here!  So much has changed in our lives & with my business.  I have changed the name of my business from SheSewChic to Sugar Beach Designs.  I felt that was a better fit for the direction I'm taking my business in.

I will soon be launching a new blog!  The link is http://sugarbeachdesigns.blogspot.com. 

My website link is now:  www.sugarbeachdesigns.com

29 July 2012

How to Create Clean Looking Double Layer Appliqués

First let me say I'm sorry for not blogging in several months.  Life gets in the way and next thing you know it's 5 months later!

Today I want to talk about Appliqués that have more than one layer of fabric.  I personally don't care to see the previous fabric under what I've placed on top.  

Notice how you can see the red/white dot fabric under the yellow gingham?

The design I'm stitching out is going to be a double layer apple.  I've trimmed the outer apple fabric, leaf, and am ready to stitch down the gingham for the top layer.

Can you see the placement stitches above showing where to lay the top fabric?  

Before you add the next fabric, take your scissors and trim out that inner area that will be covered by the next layer of fabric.

Here's the final result, no unsightly red polka dots underneath the yellow gingham!

Looking for this cute Apple Appliqué design?  Click here or on the link on the top right of this page to head over to my website.

01 February 2012

Keeping Promises

Back in 2010 I tried my hand at making Cake Balls. 

Loved how tasty they were but in all honesty, they were a bit of a pain to make.   In fact I've resisted making them again, I love to sew & embroider SO much more.  One of my co-workers has hounded me to make them again ever since.  He's used every guilt trip he can think of to talk me into it.  Finally I told him that whoever left our building first for a different job that I would make them, I promised.

Recently a bunch of personnel changes were announced where we work which resulted in Mike being transferred to another building.  I'd forgotten about my promise to which he politely reminded me of last week. 

A promise a promise and I keep my word.  Honestly, I'm glad he reminded me--they were awesome!

This time I waited to dip them until the kids were tucked away in their beds

Since I was dipping cake, why not dip a cookie?  I noticed several pins for making Oreo Pops on Pinterest recently.

Super easy to make.  These are the Double Stuff Oreos.  Open the cookie up and dip your stick in a bit of the melted candy coating and smoosh it in the Double Stuff.  Be careful when you put the cookie back together that you don't squeeze it too hard or it will break. 

My hubby & kids didn't mind the broken ones, they were happy to take those off my hands.

Notice the missing stick?  Yep, that was one I messed up.  How's that for a Sugar Bomb of Oreo goodness?

And here's the final product.  The red ones are strawberry and the brown are chocolate (naturally!).

27 January 2012

Embroidered Key Fobs, Part 2

This is part 2 of how I make key fobs, you can find part 1 here.

Ok, so up to this point I've shown  you how to stabilize your ribbon for embroidery.  Once you've embroidered the ribbon, remove from the hoop.  Don't worry if there's a little bit of puckering along the top & bottom of the ribbon where you embroidered.  It should be fine once you iron it and sew down on the webbing.   That reminds me, make sure when you lay out the letters in your software that you don't use too tall of a letter, you don't want it to get too close to the edge of the ribbon. 

Next step is to press the backside of the ribbon again.  That will help with little puckers you might have.  IMPORTANT:  make sure you're ironing the backside of the ribbon--where you put the fusible stabilizer prior to embroidery.  If your ribbon is a printed one like the swiss dot you see in my fobs, the iron will ruin the print on the ribbon!

Time to sew that ribbon to the webbing.  I cut my webbing a tad bit longer than the ribbon.

 I like to use clear thread for this part. I want the ribbon and webbing to show, not my stitches. Fill a bobbin with the clear thread too.

My sewing machine came with a few of these little nets for thread. I have to use it with the clear filament thread or it wraps itself around the spindle and breaks off. 

This is my very favorite sewing foot, well, other than the regular one we use for most everything. It's called an Edge stitch foot. Seriously awesome stuff here. I love it for topstitching ruffles down on clothes I make for Giana.

Start stitching it down. Don't forget to backstitch when you start at the end to secure the thread in place. You may have to move your needle a little to the left or right before you start to line it up along the edge of your ribbon.
Take your time and slow down your machine, trust me it will help keep you from sewing off the edge of your ribbon.

Cute, huh? 

Fold your webbing in half and sew it together, I like to go back & forth several times. 

Before you sew it together, make sure that you're happy with the size your fob will be, you might want to shorten it a little bit. 

Trim all the little bits off after you sew the ends together.  Pay attention to the edges.  I hate it when stray threads hang off the edges, plus you wouldn't want someone to pull a thread and have the webbing come undone.

I like to put a good amount of Fray Check on the edges.  Let it dry for a few minutes.

Go get your hardware, time to finish it up!

My hubs found these great little Flat Jaw pliers for me at Harbor Freight.  I love them because I can close the hardware at once.  I started out using regular pliers but found that the hardware didn't always close evenly and looked wonky.   Whatever you use, make sure that you cover it with some duct tape or you risk scratching the hardware on your pretty key fob that you've worked so hard to make.

All covered up!

Put your hardware on the end and squeeze gently.  Once you've got it in place go back and give it a good squeeze to make sure it's set properly in place.

Notice that the hardware has a front & back.  Pay attention that you put the teeth side on the back of your fob. 

 All done!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

05 January 2012

Embroidering on Ribbon for Key Fobs

Several questions have popped up recently on various forums I'm a member of on how to embroider on ribbon.  I thought I'd show you my method.

I use 7/8" wide ribbon for my key fobs - you can find that most anywhere. The webbing & hardware come from MamaSheCrazy which is on Etsy & also a website of the same name. AllIslandWebbing is the same company too and has wholesale prices.

I cut my ribbon in 12" lengths which makes for a nice wide wristlet, but go with whatever size you like best!

Cut fusible stabilizer in the same length and a little over 1/2" wide, you want to make sure you don't extend out past the edge of the ribbon.  Iron it onto the backside of the ribbon.  You can use any kind of fusible - tear away or cutaway.

Hoop Sticky Tear Stabilizer and embroider placement lines.  You can find a free download with various size placement lines from Embroidery Garden or just put straight lines about .75" apart.  These are a guideline for where to put the ribbon and also helps with centering your lettering. 

Peel back the paper between your lines where the ribbon should go.

Fold the ribbon in half and then place it on the sticky.

Open it up and place back on your machine.  Be careful not to bump the ribbon while putting it back on the machine or they'll be crooked.  You could also put a pin on either end for more security but I find it's not necessary.

Here's the final product!  I'm sorry I don't have the pictures between hooping and final product, my kids distracted me while I was working on these and I failed to get the rest of the pictures.  For now, this post is just on how to hoop the ribbons to stabilize them for the embroidery.  I promise to come back and make this a full fledged how to make a key fob post! 

Click here for part 2 of the tutorial!

03 January 2012

What happened to 2011?

Wow, last I checked in it was July of 2011. Guess I got caught upon life a little bit. :) Lots of ideas in my head for this year and I will try not to be so silent! Happy New Year!

26 July 2011

PR1000 - Dropped Threads

I know that several people on the 10 Needle Yahoo Group have discussed their issues with threads dropping & drooping on their machines.  This is just my way of documenting the issue with my machine, which I love by the way.

All pictures are clickable so that you can see larger.

This is Big Mama


This is one of her droopy threads.

I was embroidering last night and she had a hard time holding onto #7 all night long. 


I've noticed that when I thread a needle it holds up higher, see the arrow on the left.  Now take a look at the arrow on the right.  See how the thread is lower because it's passed through the presser foot?  It's also a little droopy.


The droopy threads seem to get caught up on the little grey winged scooby.  (Scooby is a very technical term, by the way).  Notice that the needle that's by the arrow hasn't been used, so the thread is up higher and out of the way of the scooby.



Sorry it's a little hard to see.  The arrow on the left shows a thread that has been used already.  Notice that it's through the presser foot?  It's also dragging along the scooby.

Also, see how the arrow on the right is showing #7 needle that has been used already and is starting to droop down. 


Another thing, see the long tail hanging down?  That's after the needle has been used and the thread trimmed. 


And a view from the back side of the long thread tails.

That's my story, are you having troubles with your 10 needle?

26 July 2011 -

Just picked up this cute little zebra filled embroidery font from AK Designs.  I thought it would make a perfect ponytail holder!

25 July 2011

25 July 2011 - Tumbler

Whew!  This one was a test in my layering patience.  It was a gift for someone and probably one I won't do again, LOL.

24 July 2011

24 July 2011 - Food!

Cashew Chicken

We used to live in a small town in Missouri.  You can only find this variation of Cashew Chicken in the Springfield area.  Thankfully I have the recipe.  It's one of my favorites!